North Dakota Lutherans for Life


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North Dakota Lutherans for Life is intentionally pan-Lutheran. If you are a Lutheran who cares about life issues, please contact us at about how you can help by serving with us!

Our current board officers:

President: Rev. Chris Brademeyer (LCMS)

Vice President: Mary Ann Anderson (LCMS)

Secretary: Jolene Richardson (LCMS)

Treasurer: Jonathan Andersion (LCMS)

Board Members

F/M Chapter Representative: Gail Waagen (LCMS)

F/M Chapter Representative: Beth Schaible (CLBA)

B/M Chapter Representative: Jonathan Anderson (LCMS)

B/M Chapter Representative: Mary Ann Anderson (LCMS)

At Large Members:

Jolene Richardson (LCMS)

Rev. Chris Brademeyer (LCMS)

Rev. Lyle Belleque (NALC)

Sue Curfman (CLBA)

Rev. Dennis Norby (AFLC)

DCE (retired) Ken Koehler (LCMS)