North Dakota Lutherans for Life


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Pregnancy Help Resources

First Choice Clinics

     First Choice operates life-affirming clinics in Fargo, Bismarck, and Devils Lake. 

     Phone: (800) 712-4357

Badlands Choice Clinic

     Bandlands Choice operates a life-affirming clinic in Dickinson.

     Phone: (701) 483-9353


Dakota Hope Clinic

     Dakota Hope operates a life-affirming clinic in Minot.

     Phone: (701) 852-4673

Pregnancy Help Center

     Pregnancy Help Center provides pregnancy assistance in Park River.

     Phone: (701) 284-6601

Women's Pregnancy Center

     Women's Pregnancy Center operates in Grand Forks.

     Phone: (701) 746-8866

Maternity Homes

The Perry Center

     The Perry Center is located in Fargo and works with single mothers who have become pregnant                  unexpectedly. They also have housing available for pregnant women in need.

     Phone: (701) 241-9289

     St. Gianna's Maternity Home is a Roman Catholic home for women in pregnancy and with children. It is      located in Warsaw, which is north of Grand Forks.
                                                                                               Phone: (701) 248-3077

Educational Resources for School and Congregation

Lutherans for Life Education Materials

     Lutherans for Life has a number of online resources available by following the link above.

Concordia Publishing Pro-Life Literature

     Concordia Publishing House offers a number of print resources, including pamphlets and books, for            purchase on their website.

Post-Abortion Resources

Word of Hope

     Word of Hope is a free service from Lutherans for Life for post-abortive women. 

     Phone:  (888) 217-8679